How To Choose The Right Accessories For Your Business Outfit

Have you ever observed a well-dressed entrepreneur? If so, then you must have seen that it's not just their clothes but also the on-point accessories that add class. A perfect business outfit is incomplete without the accessories. The blend of them renders a feel-good factor both inside and out!

In fact, accessories are an expression of your inner personality. They depict your self-esteem, morale, and determination as an entrepreneur. 

Be it aesthetic watches or charming bracelets, there are innumerable accessorising options for a business outfit. While their style varies as per shapes, colors, and silhouettes, these wearables are a fashion update for your wardrobe. 

If worn precisely, accessories can work wonders for your basic formals (or business casuals). They act as a finishing touch that completes your attire! Moving on, let's learn how to choose the right accessories for your business outfit

Dress To Impress: Business Casual Fashion Outfits 

A well-dressed professional throws a great first impression on clients. Likewise, clients consider besuited leaders to be trustworthy. In a nutshell, your attire has a greater impact on your business deals. Here's how you can dress to impress:

1. Start with Blazers

Nothing can beat a sleek, fitting, and modern blazer. Plus points if it has slim cuts! 

The best thing about classic blazers is that they lie between sporty jackets and formal suits. Thus, they are appropriate for casual business attire. 

Be it square shoulders or notch lapels; the varieties are endless. Most of them are made through heavy fabrics like flannel, fresco, or wool. You can choose the fabric as per your comfort.

We recommend you to try a standard single-breasted blazer in dark shade. Both black and navy blue are great picks!  

2. Combine Your Blazer with Casual Shirts

What compliments a classy blazer? A smooth lustrous casual shirt that's button-down and tightly secured!

Make sure to choose light casual shirts (white or pink) first. Once you get comfortable, team your blazers with vibrant colors later. 

You can also go for a just-casual-shirt look or combine it with sweaters. For a shirt-with-cardigan attire, keep your collars out and tie high!

3. Casual Trousers 

Blazers. Check. Casual Shirts. Check. Now, it's time for the bottoms. Your casual trousers should amalgamate with the rest of the attire. 

That's why you should choose something practical and chic. Try to wear a pair of fitting trousers instead of tight ones. Keep it less suffocating but in good shape.

You can try basic casual pants like cotton chinos. They are elastic, relaxed, and comfortable to wear. For chino colors, black, cream, and grey are decent picks.

Regardless of your choice, your trousers cover most of the attire. That's why it's best to wear them wrinkle-free and crisp. As an alternative, denim is good too.

4. Shoes

Your business attire is incomplete without a stylish pair of business casual shoes. While there are numerous options like chukka boot, derby and Chelsea boots, start simple with monk straps or oxfords. 

If you are styling black suits, choose brown or black monk straps. Likewise, brown leather oxfords are perfect for navy suits! 

Make a Good Impression by Choosing the Right Accessories

Accessories add versatility and integrate all your ensembles together. It throws a positive impression on people and emphasises your personal style. You can choose distinct accessories as per your business outfit. 

While bracelets add elegance to black suits, rings, cufflinks, and watches are appropriate for all. However, try to keep your accessories minimal yet influential. You can try these wearables:

Jewellery For Your Business Wear

Be it for client meetups or daily wear; these accessories are a must-have for all instances:


People who wear watches are considered organised and proficient in work. That's why watches are an important accessory for business attire. You can go for a simple gold or silver watch with a sleek dial. If you want to combine it with a black business outfit, go for leather straps.

Black watch dials depict practicality, formality, and power. Also, it goes well with every outfit. You can use it for both business purposes and dailywear.

The best way to style your watch is by matching your suit with a watch dial. You can also go for contrasting colors like brown leather with navy blue dials. Make sure to buy your watch from reliable brands that offer warranties.


Bracelets make an outstanding accessory for a minimal yet exclusive outlook. If you are confused between 'too much or too little', bracelets can be your rescuer. 

You can go for glossy bracelets in gold or try subtle leathers. Both of them fall under men's bracelet trends. Nowadays, beads are in fashion too! If you are clueless about the ideal bracelet or jewelry for business casual, try these: 

Classic Beaded Bracelet - Solid Gold
The classic beaded bracelet in solid gold offers a masculine touch with classic motifs. It is made with a 6.5 mm solid gold ball with high-quality beads. You can wear this bracelet with a black suit and white shirt combination. 

If you don't like yellow gold jewelry, there is an option for rose gold too. Similarly, you can also try other stone options like tiger eye, lava stone, lapis lazuli, and agate.

Men's Natural Agate Stone Beaded Bracelet with Golden Engraved Ball

Men's Natural Agate Gemstone Beaded Bracelet - Solid Yellow Gold

Statement Cuban Links Leather Bracelets

This Statement Cuban Links Leather Bracelet with Nappa leather is an appropriate pick for blue suits. The exclusive designs and silver plating add a smart look to the attire. 

It has pusher clasps to keep the bracelets in place. You can choose other Nappa colors like dark red, dark green, black, etc. For gold plating, you can try either rose or yellow gold. 

Men's White Gold Vermeil Customizable Cuban Links Blue Leather Bracelet with Initials

Men's Customizable Cuban Links Leather Bracelets

Leather Beaded Bracelet in Gold

If you are trying a black suit with a light shade casual shirt, then accessorise your look with this leather beaded gold bracelet. It has a blend of sustainable gemstones with classic leather and solid gold.

Men's Black Braided Nappa Leather Agate Beaded Bracelet with Golden Details

Men's Leather Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet

You can get different gold plating options like rose gold, solid yellow and white. The 6 mm Nappa leather makes the bracelet more distinctive. The black gold jewelry has natural stones (blue Jasper and Agate) of AAA grade. 


If nothing looks amusing to you, then a simple ring can make an ideal wearable for your business outfit. They add a dazzling touch during the meet and greets. You can either choose silver or gold plating for your ring.

Make sure to wear a ring that symbolises your style and looks charming on your finger. You can try these:

Minimalist Ring in Silver

The minimalist ring in silver has attractive designs for masculine wear. Both the edges of the ring are paved with black stones. 

The 925 Sterling Silver surface is about 5,5 mm wide. You can combine the ring with a classy combination of a grey blazer and white shirt. 

Men's 925 Sterling Silver Minimalist Classic Band Ring Decorated with Black CZ StonesMinimalist Ring in Silver

Anchor Ring-Silver

You can also try silver rings with innovative nautical symbols. Check out this silver anchor ring, for example. 

The contemporary design and crispy round shape look absolutely stunning! The 925 solid silver surface and embroidered anchor logo make the men ring design more unique. 

Men's Anchor Embroidered Signet Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Anchor Ring - Silver


Cufflinks are an outstanding adornment for your formal suit blazers. They maintain a balance between contemporary and professional attire. 

They are often combined with natural stones to catch the attention of people. Make sure to keep the cufflinks subtle and not obtrusive. You can try these options: 

Sodalite Cufflinks

Cufflinks with Sodalite stones are perfect for business wear. That's because healing stones like sodalite enhance logical thinking and maintain emotional balance. 

It can increase intelligence and retain panic situations. The combination of blue color and 925 sterling silver is quite pleasant too.

Men's 925 Sterling Silver Round Cufflinks with Natural Sodalite Gemstone

Sodalite Cufflinks - Silver

Onyx Cufflinks

You can also try cufflinks with other stones like Onyx. Onyx is known for giving stamina and strength to the wearer. 

Thus, if you want your projects to touch heights, it's worth adding Onyx cufflinks to your attire. Its black color blends well with grey blazers or suits.

Men's Semi-Precious Onyx Gemstone Round Cufflinks in 925 Sterling Silver

Onyx Cufflinks - Silver

Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks

Cufflinks with Lapis Lazuli look pretty good on black outfits. The blue natural stone is associated with royalty, confidence, and wealth. As it promotes positive energy, you can wear it at your next client meeting.  

925 Sterling Silver Square Cufflinks with Natural Lapus Lazuli Stones

Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks - Silver

For Women

Women can wear casual accessories like charm bracelets and necklaces for business wear. Both of them look good with collared shirts or chinos.

For the material, beads, gold and silver are smart choices. They match most of the skin tone and add a chic look to the business attire. However, try not to wear large custom jewellery. 

Best Necklace for Women: Women's Statement Necklace

Best Charm Bracelets for Women (eagle jewelry): Women's eagle charm bracelet - silver

Women's Eagle Charm Natural Aqua Terra Beaded Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver

Women's Eagle Charm Bracelet - Silver

Ties & Pocket Squares

Tie symbolises brainpower and intellectual behaviour. When you see someone wearing a tie, your mind already considers them professional. That's why they are a common accessory for all business outfits!

Generally, tie varies as per colors, fabrics, and pattern. Its width has a standard measurement of 3.5 inches. 

Tie for contemporary wear ranges around 3.25 inches. They are narrower in width than the former one. You can select the tie color as per your blazer or suit. Blue ties go well with black or navy suits. It mirrors a poise and composed personality.

For patterns, there are numerous options, including diagonal striped, tartan, and polka dot ties. If you want to start simple, solid ties are a good pick. They look decent and match all business attire. However, once you get comfortable, do not hesitate to experiment with other styles like novelty and floral ties. 

Besides ties, you can also try a pocket square with your outfit. It's a rectangular cloth that peeks from the breast pocket of the suit. They go well with three-piece Bond suits and blazers. For business wear, select a plain white pocket square with a tint of color at the border. 

To add an extraordinary touch, you can try light patterns. Pocket squares with flat or multiple point folds are appropriate for formal occasions. 

Bags and Suitcases

Bags and suitcases keep all your papers in alignment. You can try different options for them, including duffel bags, messenger bags, backpacks, and so on. All of these add a proficient, functional, and fashionable look while making a style statement.  

Being sustainable and durable, the best material for a business bag is leather. It looks chic with suits and formal shirts. Also, leather symbolises high-quality and good taste. So, it's worth carrying them! 

While choosing the size, choose the one that fits all your stuff. It should have enough area to carry your laptop, work files, and essentials. There should also be multiple zip bags and compartments inside. 

For colors, it's best to choose black or brown bags. Always buy suitcases or bags with longer durability!


So, that's how you accessorise your business outfit. Out of these options, cufflinks, rings, and bracelets are the best adornments of all. They do not exaggerate your look, but they do add a unique touch to it.