Gemstone Jewelry Benefits & Healing Properties

Besides being an outstanding way to adorn yourself, gemstones are filled with endless benefits. Its significance has been highlighted by numerous astrologers lately. 

Gemstones can initiate soothing energies while enhancing the focus and concentration of the wearer. It fills your body with positivity and prevents any misfortunes. It also acts as a cleansing agent for your aura! 

Keep note that the powers, benefits, and healing properties of the gemstone differ as per its type. While some may bring creativity, others may protect your body. Let's learn more about these healing jewelry in detail.

Gemstone Benefits: A Brief Overview

Be it, Opal or Coral, gemstones have endless benefits and healing properties. They are renowned among people for their phenomenal powers. Here is more to its benefits.

What is Opal good for

Opal is a gemstone that enhances your worth and brings confidence. It helps to display your authenticity and encourages inner creativity. 

The stone is an indication of equity and harmony. It eliminates the danger and acts as a protective stone.

Opal gemstones initiate love, passion, and loyalty. It strengthens the immune system while treating both fever and infection. 

It simplifies childbirth, treats PMS, and purifies blood/kidneys. The gemstone is often recognized for its therapeutic effect on the eye.

Opal acts as a Karmic stone. Following the Karmic principles, it ensures positivity and reflects the same back to you.

Green Garnet Double Wrap Beaded Bracelet - Atolyestone

What is Kyanite good for

Kyanite is known for its harmonizing and chakra-balancing properties. It frees your soul and helps you to speak and express your thoughts clearly. 

Kyanite connects your mind with the heart and encourages both psychic and telepathic abilities. During distressing times, it keeps you calm and helps to manage stressful conditions. 

The gemstone is renowned for enhancing communication and reducing brain fog. It also keeps the physical fatigues and emotional weariness away. 

Its blood pressure lowering and pain-relieving potential makes it useful for individuals of all age groups. Kyanite also lessens anxiety and adds confidence.

What is Coral good for

Available in multiple colors, coral is considered the stone of peace and transformation. Its uncanny resemblance to plants gave it another name called Sea Garden. Coral could wear off your destructive thoughts while transforming your inner-self. 

It will give you the strength to forget your past and embrace the future. Health-wise, coral can help resolve your circulatory problems. It keeps your bone health and nervous system intact while also nourishing your blood. 

Coral acts as a protective shield and eliminates any cuts, wounds, and bruises! It treats depression and promotes good mental health. Out of all, Coral limits financial troubles and encourages financial independence.

Zenith Double Beaded Bracelet with CZ Balls - Atolyestone

What is Agate good for

Agate helps to balance the body, spirit, and mind. It encourages positivity while cleaning the inner soul. 

Agate is known for increasing mental abilities, focus, and concentration. It intensifies the analytical function and soothes aggression. It also stabilizes the aura and provides strength.

The gemstone helps to raise consciousness, improve concentration, and increase mental clarity. It ensures good communication and helps you to overcome anger. 

If you want to start afresh, agate can render the courage to do so. It's available in multiple colours, patterns, and varieties.

What is Jasper good for

Jasper is called the stone of energy and strength. The stone brings comfort and peace while initiating optimism in your life. It can absorb all your fear and help you appreciate your inner beauty. 

Its beneficial effect on human health has made it popular among people. The gemstone could restore health and revive the function of internal organs like the kidney and liver. It reduces stomach pain and eases the problem of slow digestion.

Jasper can increase your determination and help you reach your financial goals. It promotes creative thinking and keeps your stress levels under control. It also enhances your love life by replacing agitation with compassion.

What is Apatite good for

Apatite has an unusual property of connecting you to the past and future life. It aligns both your chakras and emotions. The gemstone works by reducing negativity and encouraging peace and clarity. 

Apatite intensifies motivation, creativity, and intellectual abilities. It also clears confusion, anger, and sorrow. The gemstone is also ideal for autism in children. 

It helps to absorb calcium and keeps the bone, cartilage, and teeth intact. That's why you could use the gemstone to ease arthritis and joint problems. Apatite also suppresses hunger and increases the metabolic rate. 

Healing Gemstone Jewelry For Men

Be it healing rings or healing bracelets; there are numerous ways to wear these gemstones. Not only do they make a great ornament, but it also stays close to the body.

Men's Gemstone Rings

A common way to wear gemstone is in the form of healing rings. Gemstone rings are becoming famous for their extensive size, innovative style, and affordable price. As gemstones are light reflective, the reflection of certain rays has a positive influence on both mood and mind. It also creates a positive and happening nearby atmosphere of the wearer.

Sodalite Ring Meaning

Ring made from sodalite gemstones helps in efficient healing and spiritual enhancement. Famous for its name “logic stone”, sodalite has a calming effect on your spirits. It cleans your mind and initiates thoughtfulness. 

Besides,  Sodalite gemstone jewelry is also popular for generating creative abilities and discipline. It could clear your vision and heal your troubles. At the same time, Sodalite is famous for its blue colour. It's also available in other shades like green, yellow, pink, etc.

Ring Example: Prime Ring Silver

Agate, Tiger Eye or Sodalite Silver Ring - Atolyestone

Agate Ring Meaning

Agate is a type of Chalcedony available in different shades, colours and a transparent texture. It helps to keep the emotional, physical, and mental attributes aligned. The gemstone has the potential to blend the yin and yang energies and provide strength to your mind. 

Besides its mesmerizing appearance, Agate is famous for its healing and spiritual values. To mention the virtue of agate, it plays a significant role in wealth, protection, and abundance. It also provides courage, strength, and security. If you wear agate rings while hovering over the sea, it keeps you safe and secure. 

Tiger Eye Ring Meaning

Rings made of Tiger eye gemstones promote endurance and positivity. It enhances your inner power and restricts all emotional trauma. Tiger eye rings could give your more energy and wealth. It could eliminate toxicity and help you combat all the challenges. 

If you have been facing challenges lately, a tiger eye ring may help you cross all the obstacles. It also gives the encouragement to achieve whatever your mind wants! 

Wherever you see risks, the tiger eye ring will help you rescue them. The powerful potential of the tiger eye mirrors its sturdy appearance.

Men's Gemstone Bracelets

If not a ring, there are several gemstones that make the best gemstone for your bracelet. This includes:

Agate Bracelet Benefits & Styles

Agate beads are one of the best styles for agate bracelets. It's available in multiple colours, patterns, and designs. 

Agate is made from silica under extreme heat. With agate, you could get round stones or ones with round edges. It's the perfect gemstone to display the layers of shades! 

Agate is famous for its healing properties and innovative blend of energies. It also maintains peace and tranquility within your soul. 

The gemstone could also cleanse your aura and improve your mental abilities. The combination of strength and air/water transparency makes Agate an ideal gemstone!

Agate Bracelet Style: Agate beaded bracelet

Agate Beaded Bracelet - Atolyestone

Jasper Bracelet Benefits & Styles

Jasper symbolizes courage, power, and protection. It keeps your physical health and mental health in check. Wearing Jasper Bracelets prevents negative energy and evil spirits.

It is often called the supreme nurturer for its tranquil properties. It's a healing stone that stimulates better brain function and mental clarity. Jasper bracelets also strengthen the immune system and eliminate gynecological problems. 

The best way to wear Jasper is in the form of beaded bracelets. Not only does it appears beautiful, but it also keeps the stone closer to your body. That way, you could benefit more from its properties. 

Jasper Bracelet Style: Atolyestone Jasper Essentials

Jasper Beaded Bracelet with Silver Ball - Atolyestone

Kyanite Bracelet Benefits & Styles

With its yin-yang energy balancing properties, Kyanite bracelets combats the blockages and let the energies flow. It enhances your communication and psychic abilities while aligning all the chakras.

The hardness of the gemstone differs as per the stone direction. The best thing about Kyanite bracelets is that it helps with anger management and generate positivity. 

Kyanite promotes self-expression and maintains a healthy love life. It helps to treat multiple diseases related to the eyes, lungs, neck, vocal cord, and thyroid. It acts as the perfect gemstone to prevent pain and accidents. 

Kyanite Bracelet Style: Kyanite Macrame Bracelet

Kyanite Macrame Bracelet with Solid Gold Beads - Atolyestone

Opal Bracelet Benefits & Styles

Opal bracelets are luxurious ornaments that mirrors prosperity and affluence. It keeps you financially stable and helps you to thrive in personal businesses. Opal gemstones are known for resolving issues with marriage. 

If you are struggling to find an ideal match for you, opal bracelets could help you find the same. It also encourages you to get past all the earlier emotional trauma. 

Opal bracelets prevent nightmares and help to get a good night's sleep. Health-wise, it treats hormonal problems, stomach issues and strengthens the immune system. 

It also brings good fortune and peace. The best way to wear opal bracelets is in vibrant colors and beaded form.   

Opal Bracelet Style: African Blue Opal Beaded Macrame Bracelet

African Blue Opal Beaded Macrame Bracelet - Atolyestone

Hematite Bracelet Benefits & Styles

Hematite makes a deep connection between you and the earth. That's why wearing a hematite bracelet can make you feel safe. It provides protection, strength, endurance, and courage. 

The gemstone could also enhance your memory and focus. It maintains a balance between your body, spirit, and mind.

Hematite bracelets keep you away from negativity and boost self-esteem. It also keeps your health intact by regulating the blood supply and treating conditions like anemia. 

It helps with other conditions like anxiety, insomnia, fractures, etc. You could wear the bracelet in beaded or double beaded styles.

Hematite Bracelet Style: Hematite Double Beaded Bracelet

Hematite Double Beaded Bracelet with CZ - Atolyestone

Apatite Bracelet Benefits & Styles

Apatite Bracelets are ideal for keeping a healthy appetite, relieving social anxiety, and promoting tranquility. Apatite is often regarded as the manifestation stone as it could manifest your physical needs. It keeps you relaxed during social situations and eliminates all the frustration.  

Based on its colors, apatite Bracelets work on different chakras like throat chakras, heart chakras, and solar chakras. As it contains phosphorus ( also present naturally in the human body), the gemstone may strengthen the skeletal system and bones. Just like other gemstones, both beaded and double beaded wearables are ideal styles for Apatite bracelets.

Apatite Bracelet Style: Blue Apatite Double Beaded Bracelet

Blue Apatite Double Wrap Beaded Bracelet - Atolyestone


So indeed, Gemstones can be the lucky charm in your life! The healing properties and gemstone benefits are magnificent and life-changing. As the benefits and properties differ from stone to stone, you may choose one as per your situation and challenges. 

You may select the wearable depending on your style; however, both bracelets and rings are the best way to embrace their properties. Now that you know the perks, when are you savoring the benefits of all these marvellous ornaments?