Types Of Leather Bracelets: A Complete Guide To The Most Favorite Leather Bracelet Styles

Leather has been in trend since the 18th century. The bracelets made from leather were quite popular among men in hippie culture. Out of all the color preferences, brown was commonly worn by them, followed by red. They were combined with other accessories like chains and jazzy outfits for a bohemian touch.

Leather has always been an iconic fashion statement in the jewelry industry. In fact, the upcoming generation considers leather a relevant adornment for a modern look. With bracelets being a superior selection of human embellishment, there are distinct designs. Let's take a prompt look at each leather bracelet style to know more.

Choose Your Leather Style Type

There are different leather types that make the sturdy base for the bracelet. In fact, they are available in different styles that you can wear casually or during occasions. Here's a brief glimpse of the same

Round Leather

The first style is one of the most prevalent of all, and that is round leather. As the name signifies, it's circular and looks breathtakingly attractive on one's wrist. Usually, they are leather materials that are engraved in a thin and tubular shape. They go well with most of the clothing styles and are available in diverse colors. The thickness may range from anywhere between 0.5 to 10 mm.

For example, look at this bold men's classic braided leather bracelet. It is authentically created with Napa leather and looks aesthetic yet elegant in appearance. Besides, elements like 925 sterling silver and the outstanding design make it look more promising. You can always keep it secured in your wrist with the pusher clasps. 

Classic Braided Leather Bracelet

Classic Braided Leather Bracelet

Flat Leather

Moving on to another very widely used leather style that is flat leather. These leathers are smooth textured and look unique on the wrist. While it is available in various designs, the flat braided leather bracelet is pretty renowned in today's time. Flat leathers like this iconic element leather bracelet with a touch of silver are one such example.

At one glance, you can find it minimal yet charming on the wrist. Besides, the enclosed elements like 925 sterling silver add character to the entire outlook. Again, it's created with Nappa leather but with a leather thickness of 4.5 mm.

 Men's Flat Leather Bracelet

Men's Flat Leather Bracelet  

Braided Leather

Leathers in braided form are called braided leathers. They are precisely crafted to create appealing leather bracelet designs. These patterns are handmade and require foremost skills or proficiency for making. 

The leather straps created through braiding look attractive and hold a class. For instance, take a look at this Streamline minimalist leather bracelet. Doesn't it look powerful and appealing at the same time? 

Also, its finishing with 925 sterling silver, and Cubic Zirconia stones make it more classic in outlook. Here, the bracelet is made with Italian leather of around 4 mm thickness. It is easy to secure with the magnet lock that also adds a sense of style. 

Streamline Minimalist Braided Leather Bracelet

 Streamline Minimalist Braided Leather Bracelet 

Cuff Leather

Came into the limelight for the cowboy look; cuff leathers are like a tradition that is being followed year after year. Primarily, cuff leathers were worn by cowboys as protection due to their usual regime. Now, about leather bracelet cuffs, these styles are made with authentic leather or faux leather.

They can remain secured tightly to the wrist or stay loose on the same. It is entirely made with pure leather and consists of a tie for easy fastening. 

The bracelet can also be secured with metal clasps. Leather vintage bracelet cuffs are pretty durable and sturdy. Hence, your one purchase can last long. 

Woven Leather

As the name suggests, woven leather has an ingenious texture with a refreshing and woven outlook. The exterior of these leather types is durable and protective of any damage. Woven leather bracelets are made by weaving and braiding multiple pieces.  

Just like this Atolyestone iconic leather bracelet in silver with a dominant outlook. By wearing such a vintage accessory, you can uplift your style statement explicitly. The embraced gold embroidery makes it more exclusive and posh looking.

It is made with premium Napa leather with 4.5 mm thickness. Not to forget, the pusher clasp for its effortless fastening. 


Iconic Woven Leather Bracelet

Iconic Woven Leather Bracelet

Double Woven or Wrapped Leather

A double woven leather bracelet is similar to what you can see in the image below. Here, the Signature statement wrap bracelet is created with 4 mm Napa leather and holds multiple leather bracelet cord. It is 100% handmade and comes with a CZ diamond enclosed 925 silver band. To secure it accurately, there is a clasp. 

Personalized Wrapped Leather Bracelet

Triple Woven or Wrapped Leather

Triple woven leather bracelets, on the other hand, are innovatively designed and hold three strands. This classic wrap leather bracelet is made with 3mm woven Napa leather. 

They are crafted to perfection and worn by wrapping them thrice on the wrist. Again, the bracelet is secured with a magnetic clasp and made of 925 sterling silver. These unique wearables can be combined with watches and jewelry to render that appealing fashion statement.


Men's Double Wrap Leather Bracelet


Knotted Leather

Lastly, there is a knotted leather bracelet that is made by making knots with the material. Now, they can be of different types starting from sliding knots to square ones. Then there are overhand knots, surgeon's knots, Josephine knots, and many more. 

Knotted leather styles can be beaded up or designed with exciting patterns. They look iconic on the wrist and provide that modish feel on wearing. The colors of these bracelets can range from bold as black to bright and vibrant. 

Best Material Combinations For Leather Bracelets

Apart from the style, the material is also an essential aspect of a bracelet. From gold to silver, there are different varieties to choose from. Here's what goes well with leather bracelets

Yellow Gold - Leather Bracelets

Natural gold is combined with an alloy to make it more sturdy, and that results in yellow gold. These materials are pure and genuine in quality. They go very well with leather bracelets and add character to wearing.

Take a glance at this solid yellow gold bracelet; doesn't it seem elegant? The perfect shine with robust braided leather makes an excellent combination for wearing. It could be wrapped around your wrist easily and holds multiple lines. Overall, a suitable pick for a modern look.

Customizable Leather Bracelet in Yellow Gold

 Atolyestone Elements - Solid Yellow Gold 

Rose Gold - Leather Bracelets

Rose gold is created by fusing copper with conventional pure gold. When both of these metals combine, they make a rose color giving it a subtle shade. The material is quite preferred for its unique color. Besides, it looks really innovative when combined with leather.

In this rose gold tiger leather bracelet, the fusion of black Nappa looks alluring with 10K rose gold. The leather ranges around 4mm and has a pusher clasp for safe wearing. The tiger, in rose gold, adds a hint of style and courage along with a unique design.


Tiger Leather Bracelet - Rose Gold

Tiger Leather Bracelet - Rose Gold

Sterling Silver - Leather Bracelets

Sterling silver is a material that is made with 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% of metals like copper. They are durable, light, and preferable for daily use. 

If you see this triple row leather bracelet, the fusion of black and silver looks outstanding for casual wear. The 4mm Nappa leather along with 3.5 mm braided silver goes well together. While these are just an example, you can opt for other leather colors and combine them with sterling silver. 


Triple Row Leather Bracelet with a Silver Row


Triple Row Leather Bracelet

Leather Bracelets with Stone Beads

Besides gold and silver, there is another material that has become a talk of the town lately. And that is stone beads. Beads have been in trend for a long time now. Its combination with leather is welcomed among both the new and old generations.

Take an example of this leather beaded gold bracelet. The contrast of 6 mm Nappa leather with this AAA grade natural agate and blue jasper stone is worth a mention. The stones included in the bracelet are 100% authentic and natural. Beads can be combined with other materials like gold for a more graceful look. 

Leather Bracelets with Stone Beads

Charm Ideas to Combine with Leather Bracelets

A leather bracelet with charms makes it look more sophisticated and fashionable. However, it's crucial to choose a suitable charm in the first place. Here are some of the ideas that may work for you

Leather Bracelets Personalized With Initials & Names

While these make the perfect anniversary gift for your better half, initials can be worn by self too. In this type of charm, the bracelets are customized with the selected names or alphabets.

For example, look at this solid silver bracelet with initials engraved on it. The touch of silver with blue leather looks posh. Now, you can surely personalize it as per your own preferences. The material can also be selected along with the plating color. 

Leather Bracelets Personalized With Initials

Atolyestone Statement - Solid Silver

Leather Bracelets with Animal Charms

Adding animal charms to the bracelet provides that intrepid and valiant feel to the wearable. Nowadays, lions, eagles, tigers, etc., are pretty common. Just like this Leo leather bracelet with a lion head at the center. The blue Nappa leather, along with silver charm, looks fearless and bold.

Also, the pusher clasp contributes to an effortless fastening of the bracelet to the wrist. Of course, there are other options for plating colors, patterns, and leather cords. You can choose all these criteria at your own convenience.


Leo Braided LEather Bracelet for Men

Leo Leather Bracelet 

Leather Bracelets combined with Chain Links

Next, there are leather bracelets fused with chain links like this leather bracelet men. If you see in detail, the Cubans link leather bracelet is finely made with 925 sterling silver and Nappa leather. 

The yellow gold plated chain links in the middle makes it more luxurious in appearance. The leather bracelet goes pretty well with both casual and party outfits. The charm adds a refined and stylish nudge to the complete appearance.  

Leather Bracelets combined with Chain Links

Cuban Links Leather Bracelet

Leather Bracelets with Nautical Elements

For ocean lovers, nothing is better than adding a nautical element as a charm. These entities involve charms shaped like anchors, ships, sea creatures, or anything related. You can further get the charm beaded like this statement anchor leather bracelet.

It wraps elegantly on the wrist, providing that much-needed graceful touch to the outlook. Here, it is handmade with braided leather and 925 sterling silver. Furthermore, the engraved symbol and maritime symbol render a refreshing character.

Leather Bracelets with Nautical Elements

Statement Anchor Leather Bracelet 

Men’s Leather Bracelets Beyond Black

When we talk about leather bracelets, people mostly prefer black as the primary color. However, there are distinct color options other than black. Here's what you can try

Men’s Green Leather Bracelets

Green leathers are quite a preferable color option if you are looking for something subtle and refreshing. They are accessible in various leather bracelet designs and patterns, just like the black leather bracelets. If you combine it with charms and appropriate material, the bracelet can add value to your entire appearance.

Also, it goes well with both casual and formal looks. So, it's not just confined to parties but also for your daily office wear. You can combine it with elegant watches for a modern presentation.

Men’s Blue and Navy Leather Bracelets

Blue goes well with silver and diamond stones. Besides, it's also quite alluring with the stone beads. The navy color goes well with the nautical elements. 

Streamline Navy Leather Bracelet

Streamline Navy Leather Bracelet 

Both these shades are invigorating and fresh with an incredible character. They look pretty dominating when braided or chain-linked too. Regardless of the style, the blue color bracelet adds style to the complete appearance.

Men’s Red Leather Bracelets

Lastly, red is a symbol of elegance, and that's why it's a worthy addition to everything signifying the same. It renders a hint of confidence along with sophistication to the bracelet. Red leather bracelets are quite in demand for their unique appearance. 

It looks excellent with distinct styles, patterns, design, and charm. Combine it with initials, and they make a great accessory for parties and occasions. 

Streamline Red Leather Bracelet


With such diversity, leather bracelets are popular and here to stay. They are ravishing, fancy, and majestic, all at once. Now that you know the styles, which one do you think goes well with your personality? Try it now and stay in the vogue with grace.