Dive Into Blue Waters With Our Ocean Inspired Jewelry Styles

If your soul belongs to the waves, then there is no doubt that you are an ocean lover. Everything about the high seas may allure you! Be it the exquisite colors or the sea elements; everything must draw your psyche to the seawater.

If that's true then we can predict that your wardrobe must have a lot of ocean oriented stuff too. You must adore the beautiful sea in your ensembles and jewelry. Fortunately, they amalgamate well with all the adornments.

In fact, ocean-inspired jewelry is in the latest jewelry trends nowadays. While the blue jewelries are appealing to the eyes, elements like anchors are equally captivating. They blend well with subtle color outfits while rendering an excellent impression. Want to know more about the best ocean-inspired jewelry style? Plunge into the details below:

What Is Ocean Inspired Jewelry?

As the name signifies, ocean inspired jewelry is the kind of jewelry that concerns the open sea. From the beautiful water to shells and sea creatures, it has a plethora of varieties to offer. The collection also features everything concerning the maritime army. This includes nautical elements like rudder, compass, anchors, and more. 

The main idea of these embellishments is to mirror the characteristics of the ocean. While blue is a dominant shade in ocean jewelry types, green, blue-green, yellow, and brown are no exception. Ocean-inspired jewelry also comprises exclusive gemstones like Jasper, Blue Opal and Agate.

What Kind Of Ocean Jewelry Are Out There?

Ocean jewelries vary as per shades, texture, motifs, and categories. They may concern any sea creature, baubles, or composition. You may select a type as per your preferences. Here's a quick glimpse of some of them below:

Ocean Animal Jewelry

Ocean animal jewelry concentrates on sea creatures. These animals may be the ones that reside inside the sea or near the seashore. These jewelry types are innovative and custom handmade pieces that are instant head turners. Normally, they target creatures like dolphins, turtles, shells, corals, clownfish, starfish, and seahorses.

Infact, pearls count under ocean animal jewelry too. That's because they originate from living sea creatures called oysters. While clams and mussels produce pearls, their production is much rarer than oysters. 

Ocean Inspired Jewelry (Anchor, Rudder, Compass)

Ocean-inspired jewelry is the type that concerns oceanic elements. These include nautical components like anchor, rudder, and compass. If your soul belongs to the marine world, then try these jewelries as per nautical jewelry summer trends:  

Anchor Ocean-inspired Jewelry: Ocean anchor bangle in rose gold, sailor's anchor necklace - solid silver pendant

Rudder Ocean-inspired Jewelry: Rudder necklace pendant - solid silver

Compass Ocean-inspired Jewelry: Silver compass necklace with chain, compass charm beaded bracelet - solid silver

Beaded Bracelet with Silver Compass Charm - Atolyestone

Ocean Beads Jewelry (Gems, Jasper, Agate, Blue Opal)

Gemstone jewelry, in particular, aggregates power and healing properties. Not only do they look stunning, but they can also boost confidence in one's persona. These gems can enhance mental abilities, wealth, energy, intuition, and more. 

The common ocean gemstones include names like Blue Opal, Jasper, Agate, etc. Each of their properties varies as per the stones. If you are into ocean jewels, take inspiration from these varieties:

Jasper Ocean-inspired Jewelry:  Atolyestone Jasper essentials - solid silver 

Agate Ocean-inspired Jewelry: Agate beaded bracelet - micro, prime African Agate apex beaded bracelet

Blue Opal Ocean-inspired Jewelry: African Blue Opal beaded macrame bracelet

African Blue Opal Beaded Macrame Bracelet - Atolyestone

Ocean Jewelry Rings

Rings are an essential adornment for every ocean lover. It's the perfect way to flaunt different natural stones, patterns, and metals on your finger. If worn precisely, these rings can awestruck the crowd. The gleaming surfaces, along with interesting elements, can add essence to your attire. Here are some of the ocean jewlery rings to try:

Compass Rings

Compass Ring - Solid Gold

Compasses are a significant part of the oceanic world. It means the step to travel together. Thus, it's worth having a solid gold compass ring with a black diamond to head you in the right direction. It comes with 0.10-carat black diamond, which is paved on the compass. These motifs add an innovative design to the overall ring. The width of the ring is about 5-21 mm, which is suitable for all!

Compass Ring in Solid Gold with Diamond - Atolyestone

Anchor Rings

Anchor Ring - Silver

Anchors depict the sea, and that's why they are a must-have for your ocean inspired jewelry collection. Take a look at this silver embroidered anchor ring, for instance. The classic design and round shape, along with 925 solid silver, keep your style consistent. Also, the size of 13x12x3mm is feasible for all wearers. You can combine these rings with your maritime attire. 

Anchor Ring in 925 Sterling Silver - Atolyestone

Blue Rings

Prime Ring - Solid Silver

For blue rings, something with intricate design and natural stones is a good option. You can try this solid silver prime ring with Sodalite. The blend of 925 sterling silver and innovative gems can create a classy collection. It also makes a simplistic adornment that acts as a timeless classic! The beautiful blue shade of Sodalite makes the ring even more appealing.

Agate, Tiger Eye or Sodalite Silver Ring - Atolyestone

Rudder Rings

Rudder Ring - Solid Silver

You can also go for a simple 925 solid silver Rudder ring embroidered with anchor symbols. Its weight varies between 14 - 16 gr as per the size. It comes with a width of 7-20 mm. You may get a customizable size ranging from 8 to 12.

Rudder Ring in 925 Sterling Silver - Atolyestone

Ocean Themed Necklaces

What's the best way to add an ocean feel to your outfits? Ocean themed necklaces. Necklaces are an ideal way to proclaim your likings and communicate with the onlooker. 

It clearly manifests your interests in the sea and draws attention to the coastal motifs. While you can't experiment much with the chains, you can surely venture its chief elements like pendants. Check out these pendant options for your oceanic soul if you haven't already!

Anchor Pendants

Anchor Necklace - Solid Silver

Anchor as pendants adds class and elegance to the look. Take this 925 sterling silver anchor necklace pendant, for example. The pavement of cubic zirconia on the anchor motifs makes it look absolutely stunning. The pendant is around 40.5x24.5mm in size with a thickness of 3.5mm. It is secured with 7.6 gr solid silver for that shimmery feel. Silver pendants with silver chains create a great amalgam for ocean lovers.

Solid Silver Anchor Pendant Paved with CZ - Atolyestone

Compass Pendants

Compass Necklace in Gold (Pendant Only)

Just like anchors, compasses are equally appealing! This solid gold compass necklace pendant is a sheer example. The unique and luxury designs are perfect for casual looks. 

It also has gold carat options like 10K, 14K, and 18K. You may also select stones like Black Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, and White Diamonds (0.10 Carat). The pendant is around 20 mm in diameter and 2 mm in thickness. The shine of diamond combines well with gold chains!

Compass Necklace in Gold (Pendant Only)

Blue Pendants

Ocean Samurai Pendant in Silver 

Your ocean-themed accessory collection is incomplete without blues. That's why it's worth having this ocean samurai 925 sterling silver pendant in your jewelry collection. The pendant adds summer style with its classic blue lacquer finish. It ranges around 1.38mm in thickness with a size of 48x11mm. These are a must-blend with a silver or gold chain. 

Ocean Samurai Pendant in Silver (Pendant only)

Ocean Themed Bracelets

Bracelets are a clear implication of your fashion statement. Thus, with the blend of ocean themes, it's only going to uplift your style. When you fuse your interests with accessories, there is no turning back! 

You can team it up with ideal shoe-wears and outfits for that modern dress up. The naval feel of maritime elements in bracelets can result in a splendid turnout. Try out these ocean-themed bracelets for inspiration:

Anchor Bracelets

Anchor Macrame Bracelet

If you like nautical elements like anchors, then this 925 sterling silver men's anchor macrame is a must-have. The rope knotted bracelet, along with solid silver anchors, are breathtakingly beautiful. The CZ diamonds on the surface makes the bracelet even more dazzling. The rope is about 1.2 mm in size, well-coated to protect the element fibres. It comes in adjustable sizes to fit all the wrists!

Anchor Macrame Bracelet with Black CZ - Atolyestone

Anchor Leather Bracelet - Silver

If you are into silver, then there is nothing as attractive as this 925 sterling silver anchor leather bracelet. It comes with Nappa Italian leather and handset zirconia gems for all maritime enthusiasts. The timeless anchor designs can blend well with both casual and smart casual outfits. It has pusher clasps to wear easily on your wrist. The best part? You can get your initials carved for the personal feel. 

Anchor Nappa Leather Bracelet in Silver - Atolyestone

Blue Bracelets

Blue Apatite Double Beaded Bracelet

For blue wearables, this 925 sterling blue Apatite double beaded bracelet makes the best choice. You can wrap the bracelet around your wrist for a stylish adornment. As it has elastic strips, you can wear it in one go! The 6 mm blue Apatite, along with 6mm silvers, can enhance your attire.

Blue Apatite Double Wrap Beaded Bracelet - Atolyestone

Unique Beaded Bracelet

For something in blue beads, this unique beaded bracelet with 100% natural gemstone can add authenticity to your look.It comprises rich shades of unique beads where you can select the gemstones as per your choice. You can customize your bracelet with any stone from green Garnet to blue Apatite. They are all AAA graded and 8 mm in size.

Unique Gemstone Beaded Bracelets - Atolyestone

Rope Bracelets

Rope Chain Bracelet in Silver

Rope bracelets are in current bracelet trends. Thus, you can buy this rope chain silver bracelet with lobster clasps for that shimmery touch to your ocean-centric outfits. It is about 2.38 mm in width and designed with artistry. The lobster clasps make it easy to un-do the bracelet! Not to forget, the touch of silver makes it even more glossy.

Rope Chain Bracelet In Sterling Silver - Atolyestone

Rope Chain Bracelet in Gold

With a chain width of 4.30 mm, this 14K solid gold rope chain bracelet is a splendid example of an ocean bracelet. The glistening and gleaming surfaces give a modern design to satisfy all souls. The lobster clasps make it easy to wear and keep the bracelet secure on the wrists. 

Rope Chain Bracelet 14K Gold - Atolyestone

Compass Bracelets

Compass Leather Bracelet - Solid Silver

If you are into nautical elements like compasses, it's best not to miss this solid silver compass leather bracelet. Easy to wrap around the wrist through double lines, it is handmade with braided leather and 925 solid silver. 

The classy compass engraved in the middle gives that aesthetic touch to the bracelet. The Nappa leather ranges around 4 mm with a pusher clasp for quick fastening.

Compass Leather Bracelet in Solid Silver - Atolyestone

Compass Macrame - Solid Gold

The solid gold compass macrame bracelet with 0.8 mm red rope is a blend of chic and style. Its surface has a waxy coating to protect the fibres of the element. You can customize the solid gold as per 10K, 14K, and 18K options. It comes in adjustable sizes to fit all wrists.

Compass Macrame Bracelet in Solid Gold - Atolyestone


So these were some of the jewelry that can help your ocean-loving soul dive into blue waters. While you can choose gleamy stones as an adornment, jewelries with sea elements are promising too! 

From necklaces to bracelets, ocean-inspired jewelry has every variety to fit your closet. You can also select the accessories from the above-mentioned inspirations for your collection.