Get Inspired With The Latest Fashion Trends For Men Rings

It is almost 2024 and fashion in men is not just dictated by clothing anymore. Accessories happen to be an equally important part of styling. We are not just talking about your classic watches or designer belts. To amp up your fashion game, a little bling here and there is much needed.

Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about men’s jewelry. From bracelets to rings and even necklaces, 2024 is your year to don those shiny trends in jewelry. A piece of jewelry will surely make you stand out from the crowd whether it is a bracelet or a ring.

Honestly, our favorite happens to be the ring. No matter what look you opt for, classy or casual; a ring will perfectly fit in. While it might sound like a task to pick the right one, we are here to ease the process for you.

It is time to introduce you to the latest fashion trends in the men’s rings.

First, let’s talk about metals

When talking about jewelry metals, what often comes to head is a classic gold or silver. But, what if we told you that there’s more offered than just the yellow gold and the shiny silver?

Atolystone’s ring collection is offered to you in more than just one gold variant. Keeping the classic yellow gold, we have also introduced white gold and rose gold rings. Not just that, these can further be availed in 10K, 14K, and 18K!

Want to take a more stylishly casual approach? Let the 925 sterling silver rings be your guide. Do not be disappointed, you get to have your pick from solid silver and aged silver. While solid silver screams class, aged silver says comfortably casual.

You can have a look at Atolystone’s collection available in silver rings and gold rings.

 Let the stones do the talking

How can we talk about jewelry and not mention the precious gemstones? At Atolystone, we take our jewelry very seriously offering you quite a few rock options. Let’s dig a few popular ones:


Looks like diamonds aren’t just a woman’s best friends anymore. Whether studded in gold or metal, this shiny rock knows how to catch everyone’s attention.

Solid Silver Ring Paved with Diamond

Diamond Coyote Buttes Ring – Solid Silver

Atolystone offers you diamond rings in not just the regular diamond but black diamond as well as the zirconia.


Blue happens to be the trending color of 2022 making sapphire a must-have! You will find sapphire in most of our ring styles.

Men's Classic Pave Signet Ring in Sterling Silver

Classic Sapphire Pave Signet Ring – Solid Silver

The paved sapphires in a solid silver ring showcase intricate designing details.


A hint of green never harms anyone, especially when embedded with gold or silver! Emerald is one of the classic favorites when it comes to gemstones.

Men's Classic Cushion Pave Ring in Solid Gold - Emerald

Classic Emerald Cushion Pave Ring – Solid Gold

This classic embroidered gold ring with Atolyestone logo will surely grab all the attention in the room.


The blood-red precious gemstone has been a part of jewelry collections for centuries. Being a royal favorite stone, ruby can never lose its charm.  

Streamline Ruby Band Ring in Gold

Ruby Streamline Band Ring in Gold

“If I had rubies, riches, and crowns, I’d buy the whole world and change things around.” It is time for you to change things around with rubies in your ring.

Cubic Zirconia

Another gem that is pretty popular among men is cubic zirconia. In fact, its blend with band rings is enough to encourage those flairs! Look at this sunbeam band ring in silver, for example. The ring's inspiration is taken from the sun's eternal power. Also, the touch of Atolyestone craftsmanship makes the jewelry even more promising. The outstanding adornment is enough to transform your attire. The ring width ranges around 7 mm, which is quite sufficient.

Silver Band Ring Paved With Cubic Zirconia - Atolyestone

sunbeam band ring in silver

Pyramid Motifs

Unique motifs for rings are quite in trend nowadays. They add a graceful touch to the overall outlook. For example, look at this minimal pyramid ring in silver. The elegance of 925 sterling silver and masculine pyramids are an absolute head-turner. The sleek and chic patterns on the surface can attract your Egyptian soul! Also, the 8.5 mm width of the ring is pretty adequate, making it suitable for all wearers. With variable sizes, you can get one for yourself!

Silver Band Ring With Pyramid Design - Atolyestone

minimal pyramid ring in silver


Abundant Styles to Choose From

Remember how men believed in sticking to that classic silver or gold band for a ring? Well, we are not doing that anymore. Guys, it’s time to go big or go home! With more than 10 styles available in Atolyestone’s ring collection, it is time for you to take it up a notch.

Let’s begin.

Signet Rings

How about we start with something regal? Signet rings have engraved family crests and date back to ancient Egyptian civilizations.

Men's Family Crest Signet Ring Oval in Solid Silver

Signet Oval Ring Base – Solid Silver

Being a popular choice for men in the Victorian era, there are different styles available. Ranging from oval to square, you even get to have a choice in metal from yellow, rose, and white gold to silver. You can have a look at our Signet Rings & Family Crest Rings post to read more on these

Monogrammed Signet Ring

Monogrammed Signet Ring - Solid White Gold

The major catch in signet rings is the customization option. You can not only get your own family crest engraved on the ring but your initials for a monogram too!

Not-So-Classic-Band Rings

We all know there is nothing like a classic band when it comes to men’s rings. While retaining simple bands, we also decided to add a little twist to them.

 Tiger Band Ring in Silver

Atolystone Tiger Band Ring

A perfect amalgamation of power and elegance combined with 925 Sterling Silver. You cannot go wrong with this one when paired with a casual or smart outfit.

Streamline Band Ring in Gold

Streamline Band Ring in Yellow Gold

How about a bejeweled affair instead? Available in seven gemstone options, you will surely fall in love with this artistic design. Pair it with black diamond or sapphire; feel free to make customizations according to your choice.

You can have a sneak peek in Atolystone’s available ring styles here.

Lion Rings

Let the lion in you roar! Inspired by the strong personality traits of the Leo sign, our collection of Lion Rings is worth your style.

Leo Ring in Solid Yellow, White or Rose Gold - Atolyestone

Leo Ring – Solid Gold

If you are willing to keep it simple yet confident, this lion ring will serve you the best. The lion head embossed reflects power while the thin band balances out the minimalist approach.

Men's Imperial Leo Ring in Solid Gold

Imperial Leo Ring – Solid Gold

 Looking for something grand and magnificent?  You have come to the right place, my friend. This majestic looking ring will instantly become an eye-candy. Go ahead with a gold, silver or golden lion head embedded in silver; you cannot go wrong with this style.

 Cushioned Rings

As the name suggests, cushioned rings in men are slightly broader rings imitating a cushion placed on your ring. These have been around for centuries and royal men never got enough of them. You will surely spot a cushioned ring or two in the old 16th and 17th Century paintings.

 Men's Classic Cushion Pave Ring in Solid Gold

Classic Cushion Pave Ring – Solid Gold

This is the classic combination of precious gemstone with metal embroidery. The pave black diamond or ruby studded in a gold or silver background will add oomph to your style game. 

Men's Customizable Ring with Letters

Cushion Pave Statement Ring – Solid Silver

Who doesn’t love a monogrammed ring? This cushion pave monogram ring with your initials will become a solid style statement. It will give you a feel of creating your own brand name and signature style. Whether you go ahead with a black diamond or zirconia, it will make you feel nothing less than a celebrity.

 Fleur De Lis Rings

How about adding a British vibe to your outfit? The Fleur De Lis (meaning lily flower in French) symbolizes the crown of France. This is a common design used for decorative purposes in France.

Fleur De Lis Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Fleur de Lis Ring – Solid Silver

The extremely simple ring, available in gold and silver, is a great choice for a minimalist Brit vibe. So, add a touch of royalty while keeping it subtle with this tiny piece.

Chain Rings

Does it sound like a band ring with some design? No, chain rings make quite a stylish accessory and are in the trending list of 2024.

Men's Chain Ring in Solid Gold

Chain Ring – Solid Gold

The simple-looking chain ring can be a great addition to your jewelry collection. If you are a first-time buyer and super confused, just buy this one and you won’t regret it. You can also opt for its gemstone studded variants like Classic Pave Chain Ring.

Prime Rings with Natural Stones

Natural stones are an integral part of our brand. Our Prime Ring collection offers three natural stones i.e. Agate, Tiger Eye, and Sodalite.

Men's Sodalite Silver Ring

Sodalite Prime Ring – Solid Silver

The silver prime ring with sodalite will add a simple yet classy vibe to your outfit. It is safe to be styled with a suit as well as a casual outfit.

Male Celebrities That Lovey Featured Rings

Rings for men are not an alien concept when it comes to our favorite Hollywood celebrities. From Robert Downey Jr to Harry Styles, the celebs have been seen flaunting these precious metals time and again.

Al Pacino's pinky ring

When talking about rings, Godfather sensationalized the trend back in the day. Al Pacino made the rings associate with class and power. Not just in the movie, this legendary actor made rings a part of his style statement.

Jay Z's silver ring

Jay Z was spotted in a huge silver ring with his birthstone from none other than Beyonce! Ladies, now you know what your partner’s wardrobe is missing.


The men’s jewelry trend is gaining popularity with each passing day. While it might sound like a bold step right now, soon this trend will be way common. From easily noticeable and thick rings to small and dainty ones, Atolystone is the right destination for your jewelry needs.