Signet Rings Are In Style Again & How to Create Your Own Family Crest Ring

Belonging to the earliest civilization, the millennia-old signet rings for men are experiencing resurgence as a modern must-have. Known as a gentleman’s ring, it is now worn by men and women of all walks in life, who are proud of their family roots.

So, if you want to create a family crest ring and pass a heritage to your coming generations, read this guide.

Let’s begin:

What is a Signet Ring

Signet rings are engraved rings or family crest rings that have been worn by people of influence for centuries. Historically, the ring symbolized noteworthy men in business and politics. For wealthy ladies and gentlemen, Signet rings serve as a symbol of signature and royalty.

Originally, the ring was emblazoned with a family crest. It could feature a raised or engraved symbol, an image, letters, and words on the top half of the ring. The symbol represents the wearer in some manner, like job title, organization, rank, initials, or family crest.

Signet rings were used to sign or stamp a legal document authentically. But today, the ring makes a style statement and proud icon of a flourished family ancestry. In addition to their primary purpose, signet rings are now worn as a trendy accessory to create a unique personality statement. 

Here, we will explore the notable history of the signet, styles of it, how to wear it, and much more. Let’s read on:

The History of Signet Rings

The history of signet rings traces back to Ancient Egypt when they used to bear the names of gods using sealing wax. In the Late Bronze Age, signet rings started to be worn for aesthetic purposes. By the middle ages, signet rings transformed from featuring raised carving to intaglio, making the impression in the wax more effective.

Gold Signet Ring of Michael Zorianos

         Gold Signet Ring of Michael Zorianos - image source

Over the time, sealing in wax became less elitist, and by the 13th century, freemen adopted the practice. The middle class started using signet rings as a symbol of sophistication.

In the 18th century, signet rings rose into fashion again. The most common stones used in signet rings were garnet, ruby, bloodstone, chalcedony, cornelian, amethyst, and chrysoprase. In the 19th century, platinum became popular, and men of all classes started wearing them. Today, signet rings for women and men are becoming popular. So, if you ask “Can a woman wear a signet ring?”, then: Yes!

Signet Ring Fashion & Celebrities That Wear Signet Rings

o longer just for kings to bankers and Popes to mobsters with a hedge fund or family crests, signet rings are making a comeback for everyone. Traditionally worn by men, the latest fashionable incarnations are made for women.

Many prestigious women are now getting in on the signet style. Some stylish early adopters of this growing trend include Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid, and Kristen Stewart, to name a few.

As the Duchess of Cambridge tied nuptial knots with the royal family, the College of Arms granted a crest to the Middleton family. Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa is frequently seen wearing the gold signet on her little finger. Model Lady Isabella Hervey and Sex And, The City star Sarah Jessica-Parker has shown they are on-trend by sporting signet rings. These are just some girls and guys who wear signet rings. 

Trends say that younger people are more into signet rings. They purchase it as a piece of bespoke that can be flaunted as a family history or personal sentiment.

If you like the work of hit wax, Jessica de Lotz’s carved signet will work for you, or if you love something glitzy, then check out the diamond-encrusted rings from Carolina Bucci.

Even if you don’t have a celebrity budget, you can still get a custom signet ring designed for you within your price range. The cost largely depends on the metal, engraving style, and size you choose.

Types & Styles of Signet Rings

There are different types of signet rings based on their shapes introduced over the period of time.


Below are six original and most popular shapes of signet rings to choose from and can be ordered at

  • Round

This elegant and most traditional ring has a round bevel. The size of the ring can vary depending on your preferences. Classic round signet rings make the best choice when you can’t decide.

Atolyestone's Carved Signet Round Ring Base for Family Crest

Atolyestone's Carved Signet Round Ring Base for Family Crest

  • Cushion

The much-loved style belongs to the Victorian era, and is one of the most favorite choices among the lovers of signet rings. This is the second popular style after straight oval. This delicate and sophisticated style boasts a collective look parallel to contrasting a fine tip.

Cushion signet rings style holds a prominent space in history books with many famous Victorian men proudly flaunting one. The soft-square shape lends itself to family crests and other customized inscriptions.

Atolyestone's Signet Square Ring Base for Family Crest

Atolyestone's Signet Square Ring Base for Family Crest

  • Straight Oval

This common shape of signet rings looks traditional and very attractive. It features a wide oval that can be widened and stylized as per your preferences.

  • Oxford Signet Ring

The Oxford signet ring is a classic four-sided style in the form of compact square and rounded corners for some sophistication.

It makes an excellent gift for significant milestones, such as an anniversary present or a twenty-fifth birthday. You can use a family crest emblem as an extraordinary piece of jewelry that can be passed down through generations. This weighty ring needs a confident man to wear it well.

  • Bulbous Oval

Popularly known as the “chunky” ring, this signet ring has to be selected for wearers who are considering weightier and unique looking rings. This heavier ring is nearly round and a more traditional look with large sides.

  • Octagon

Designed as an octagon, this signet ring is a very modern ring panache for gentlemen who dresses in a banquet jacket paired with blue jean trousers. You can even shop for a signet ring with stone.

In addition to shapes, you have choices for metals as well. Some exquisite metals for signet rings are:

Yellow Gold: Yellow gold is a traditional choice for signet rings. The precious metal alloy is soft to make into a ring. Take a look at Atolestone’s solid gold rings and choose the one that fits your style the most.

Rose Gold: Also known as red or pink gold, rose gold is a contemporary precious metal. The rosy hue of rose gold signet ring results from copper, platinum alloy, and yellow gold.

White Gold: This strongest and heaviest metal is a mix of yellow gold, palladium, and silver. This metal has a naturally brushed silver-grey hue with yellow undertones. 

All of Atolyesone’s men’s solid gold rings can be ordered in white gold, rose gold or yellow gold and will look great on your finger.

Silver: A by-product of the refinement process zinc, copper, lead, and gold, silver is the valuable metal. It is largely preferred for its versatility and coloring. You can find a wide selection of Atolyestone’s unique collection of designer & handcrafted 925 sterling silver rings to complete your outfit.

Platinum: Twice as heavy as 14K gold, platinum does not discolor. The metal maintains its natural color for its life and is a perfect choice for a sentimental piece of jewelry. So, it can be a good choice for a 14k signet ring.

What Are Signet Rings Used For?

Traditionally, signet rings were worn as a symbol of nobility and status. These rings get their significance from their engraved designs that are usually the family crest. These designs would also feature the monogrammed signet rings with initials of the person intended to wear the ring or the family's initials passed down to generations.

Depending on different usage, signet rings can be classified as the following:

  • Customizable Signet Rings

You can choose from a variety of designs and images to be carved onto your signet rings. Whether you want to engrave a made-up family crest, a unique design or a special image, you can go as creative as you want.

  • Monogrammed Signet Rings

A monogramed signet ring is a motif made of more than two letters intertwined creatively and artistically. People often choose their initials for a monogram. Besides, you can also choose letters signifying something else important to you. Atolyestone’s  signet ring designers will create a monogram customized for you. simply contact us with what you have in your mind.

Monogram signet rings

Monogrammed Signet Ring - Solid Yellow Gold


  • Gemstone Signet Rings

A signet ring featuring a colored gemstone adds a touch of color to your look. You can also choose neutral colored gemstones such as black onyx signet ring . Gemstone signet rings don’t need any extra engraving, but you can always request a complimentary engraving for all orders at Atolyestone

Black Onxy Signet RingsAtolyestone's Prime Rings - Black Onyx


Besides, you can get a blank signet ring that comes in a variety of metal types, sizes, and shapes. Wear them blank or have them engraved, though the former makes a very arresting statement with minimum effort.

What Is A Family Crest Ring?

A family crest ring is the piece of jewelry that features the family crest. Family crests and coats of arms refer to powerful family symbols that are passed down from generation to generation.

Mainly used throughout between the 11th and 17th centuries, family crests can still be reminders for families’ proud heritage. The symbols of a family crest tell you about the extraordinary achievements or status of your ancestors. It is the real testament of your family’s legacy.

Particularly, a coat of arms is a symbol that is used to identify individuals or families. This detailed signet ring designs includes a crest, shield, motto, helmet, and more. The symbol can be used as a whole, or the crest can be used as a simplified symbol.

In a full coat of arms, crests literally crest the design and are located at the top of the image. It is a smaller part of the entire design that can be used on its own if the entire coat of arms is very complex. Some most common family crests are lion signet rings, a tiger, cross, a horse, or even a unicorn or a monster. Not all families have a crest, but you can design your own to pass through your coming generations. It is because signet rings have no official or ancestral meaning.

Over time, family crests became so common and interchangeable with coats of arms. However, understanding the difference is still important, especially if you’re searching for your family crest.

How To Create A Family Crest Ring?

First of all, you have to design your family crest. So, start by designing a symbol that you think would best represent your family. Think about your profession, ancestors, your children, hobbies, and your interests.

Ideally, stick to natural colors like red, purple, blue, green, and black. For metals, go for gold or silver.

Once you have designed your family crest, you can get it customized in a way that best represents your family.

You can also use online tools like family crest generators to create your own family crest design.

To create your own custom-made family crest ring, you can follow these steps below:

Step 1: Email or upload your family crest in high definition formats like JPG, PDF or PNG.

Step 2: Complete your order by adding the ring base you want to your basket and checkout for payment.

Step 3: Once Atolyestone receives the family crest image, you order and the payment, we will send you a computer simulation where we incorporate your family crest to the selected ring base.

Step 4: Your custom made family crest ring is shipped with Complimentary Express Shipping. UK, USA and EU shipment will take about 1-3 business days. Shipments in other parts will take up to 5 business days.

When it comes to signet ring etiquettes for men, it depends on whether the person is married or single. Men wearing it on the left ring finger are interpreted as married.

Since signet rings are new to women’s jewelry, there is no rule or particular etiquettes. However, as for men, women wearing it on the ring finger can be confusing to be married.

Although there is no hard and fast rule, unmarried people can wear it on the pinkie finger of their non-dominant hand.  For instance, right-handed people can wear it on the little finger of their left hand.

 Wrapping Up

The signet ring or family crest rings are more than just a normal piece of jewelry. This statement-making wearable is a reminder of your proud tradition and ancestry. The ring adds a sophisticated style while representing your tradition and unique values. So, we can say that signet rings have become a piece of essential iconic jewelry for trendsetters. Atolyestone's ring collection includes a wide variety of signet rings from anchor and leo to even compass rings, from classic and chain rings to customisable men’s solid gold carved signet rings with your own family crest on it. Just pick the one that you love most and get it customised the way you want it.