Blue Jewelry Trends 2020: Discover All Shades Of Blue In Your Favorite Jewelry Pieces

Last year, Pantone announced CLASSIC BLUE as the Color of the Year for 2020. That’s why you must be seeing blue jewelry everywhere. Blue jewelry – any shade of the color – is universal and chic, and it shows off this royal color in eye-catching styles. Navy blue necklaces, turquoise jewelry, blue stone bracelets, and light blue stone rings are some of the most popular trends in the industry.

Classic Blue is a meditative and thoughtful palette that induces a gentle sense of calmness and tranquility to the human spirit. Besides emotional benefits, blue also offers physical benefits, such as healing different body parts and improving concentration levels. 

On top of that, blue pairs well with subtle hues like honey topaz, turquoise, Citrine, zircon, kyanite, lapis, to name a few. In fact, blue jewelry accentuated with gemstones is one of the most-favored men’s jewelry trends 2020.  

 Gemstone Types for Blue Jewelry

Some of the most popular types of blue gemstones for jewelry include the following:

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a super-stylish deep blue opaque gemstone. It is widely used in antiquity and is very popular today. 

This gemstone is mainly composed of the mineral Lazurite, with other minerals such as sparkling specks of Pyrite and white Calcite. It is known for providing the ability to focus and better thinking.

Check out our collection of Lapis Lazuli men’s jewelry that includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, and much more. 


Known for enhancing confidence, sodalite blue stone helps to eliminate extreme sadness and strengthens thinking efficiency.

Add style to your outfit with sodalite silver cufflinks that will lend you a modern look. 

Blue Sodalite Cufflinks in 925 Sterling Silver


If you are shopping for a bracelet, then you might consider this multistone apex beaded bracelet can be your next favorite blue jewelry. 

You might love to check out our collection of sodalite jewelry for men. If you are buying something for women, check out our sodalite jewelry for women. 


Men's Multistone Apex Beaded Bracelet


Multistone Apex Beaded Bracelet - Sodalite  



Kyanite gemstone is known for bringing luck and good fate. It is known to provide calmness and inner peace. The gemstone transforms negative energy into positive energy for the wearer.

If this is what you want to achieve in your life, then you might get a Kyanite Macrame Bracelet. Made with genuine black diamond, the bracelet features a stunning design created by Macrame knots. 


Blue Kyanite Macrame Bracelet in Solid Yellow Gold


Men's Kyanite Macrame Bracelet


Also known as Firuze, Turquoise is a non-transparent blue-green stone. It is a symbol of peace and balances well with silver jewelry. 

Turquoise is also a useful gemstone when it comes to calm people and gives them a feeling of peace.

So, it makes sense to invest in jewelry that features the beautiful turquoise gemstone.  Discover the Atolyestone collection of turquoise gemstone jewelry for men and women

Blue Jewelry Styles & Trends

At Atolyestone, you will find fascinating combinations of blue metal with other ones.

Green and Blue

Like blue, green is also a cool, soothing color. So, both of these colors pair well with each other.

Atolyestone’s Agate Beaded Bracelet features stunning 6mm natural semi-precious stones. The 925K sterling silver Atolyestone spacer and greenish blue stone jewelry make an iconic addition to your jewelry box.


Green and Blue Beaded Bracelet


 Agate Beaded Bracelet

 Rose & Blue

Rose gold is already taking the fashion world by storm, especially capturing the hearts of millenials. 

Atolyestone rose gold tiger leather bracelet demonstrates the combination of myth, power, and elegance. Handcrafted by masters, this blue rose bracelet is impressive and stylish.


Blue leather Bracelet with Rose Gold


Atolyestone Rose Gold Tiger Leather Bracelet 


Black and Blue 

Black & blue jewelry is also trending among men who love to reflect their bold personality through their attire. 

Again, Agate beaded bracelet combines two natural semi-precious stones – Agate and Blue Jasper. 

Blue Jasper and Agate Beaded Bracelet

Silver and Blue

The evergreen silver hue goes well with almost all shades of blue. Whether you want to buy a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, or any other piece of jewelry, you would find a great piece flaunting this universal combination. 

Shop for anchor leather bracelet in solid white gold that combines timeless anchor with AAA+ black diamonds and Italian Leather Nappa. This unique piece of jewelry suits any style – formal or casual.

Statement Anchor Leather Bracelet in Solid White Gold

 Anchor Leather Bracelet in Solid White Gold

Yellow and Blue 

Again, blue pairs well with the universal jewelry metal – GOLD! The luminous and seductive gold metal has inspired jewelry makers and wearers. The metal is now trending even more thanks to pairable tones, like blue.

Consider streamline bangle in gold that boast a powerful and impressive design. The bangle is beautified with handset blue cubic zirconia stones on 925 sterling gold. 


Blue Bracelets 

Blue bracelets stacked with others or even themselves make for a spellbinding style. Bracelets with stunning gemstones, braided designs, beads, and cuffs are countless blues out there.

Even if you have a stack of bracelets, go confidently wearing all your blue at the same time. This style of wearing blue jewelry goes classy and casual. 

Wear it with your shorts, a leather jacket paired with a white tee, skinny jeans, or even a prom dress! Stacking blues looks astonishing either way. 

Check out this Men's blue cubic zirconia bracelet features 6mm braided Nappa on 925 sterling silver decorated with handset Cubic Zirconia stones.

Braided Blue Leather Bracelet in Silver

Men's Blue Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

You may also like this Atolyestone classic tennis bracelet paved with Black and Blue Cubic Zirconia Diamond. 


Classic Tennis Bracelets with Blue Cubic Zirconia Stones


Atolyestone Classic Tennis Bracelet

This Ocean Twined Anchor Bangle is sailors’ favorite and is finished with 925 Sterling silver Classic Blue lacquer. 


Ocean Blue Laquer Anchor Bracelet


Ocean Twined Anchor Bangle

 Blue Rings

Are you a ring lover? If so, then blue is a must-have for your jewelry collection. In fact, blue gemstone rings are emerging as a new trend with engagement rings.
Diamond rings top the list of blue jewelry. It looks trendy and chic for those who want to rock on their fingers.

You can mix blue with your daily rings to create a unique, stylish look that will initiate quick conversations from onlookers. Slip on your finger a blue ring by itself or lend it a trendy feel by wearing multiple at one time. Bluer the better!

Atolyestone premium statement ring in gold is gold lacquer finished. This luxury design is an outstanding addition to your attire, making it a great piece of jewelry for both smart-casual and casual looks.


Premium Statement Blue Lacquer Ring in Solid Gold


Atolyestone Premium Statement Ring

You would also love the Atolyestone Streamline Sapphire Band Ring. This handmade ultra-stylish ring epitomizes the signature design of brilliance.


Blue Streamline Sapphire Band Ring in Silver


Atolyestone Streamline Sapphire Band Ring

 Atolyestone Prime blue stone ring jewelry is one of the most simplistic and classy jewelry at the store. This 100% handcrafted blue ring is a timeless piece of jewelry.


Blue Prime Ring with Sodalite in 925 Sterling Silver


Prime Ring - Blue

Blue Necklaces

Nothing makes a unique statement more than blue, especially when worn around your neck. Statement blue necklaces are here to stay for longer, or may be forever.

Necklaces featuring blue-hued metal or gemstones tell a story on its own. It can feature different shaped gems to create fun or elegant designs. Match it with your all-black dress for a cocktail party or for pair it with your formal attire for a workday. All in all, a blue necklace is becoming a most-favored go-to closet staple.

There are countless color choices and material you can choose for your blue necklaces.

If you are into a blue statement necklace, you may love this Atolyestone Ocean Samurai Pendant. Made of 925 sterling silver, the pendant is inspired by charming nautical colors and complements your summer style. 


Blue Samurai Tag Pendant in Ocean Blue


Atolyestone Ocean Samurai Pendant

Another choice in this category is Ocean Anchor silver pendant that is ideal for smart casual outfits.


Blue Anchor Pendant in Ocean Blue


Ocean Anchor Pendant

Prime Blue stone pendant features a charming natural stone in an intricate design. The gemstone not only looks stunning, it also helps in handling neurological disorders and protects against fears, accidents and problems caused by natural calamities.


Blue Sodalite Prime Necklace Pendant in Silver


Prime Blue Pendant 

Atolyestone stylish Streamline Sapphire Pendant is a perfect choice for symmetric style lovers. In the store’s modern, powerful Streamline collection, this elegant pendant is handcrafted by jewelry masters with 925 sterling silver and lovely precious stones.


Blue Silver Streamline Tag Necklace with Blue CZ


 Streamline Sapphire Pendant

If you have a special love for nautical jewelry, then you would love owning this compass necklace beautified with gold metal. Boasting an elegant and impressive design, this nautical necklace goes perfectly with both casual and smart-casual looks.


Compass Necklace Pendant in White Gold with a Blue Cubic Zirconia


Compass Necklace

Do you want something personalized? Maybe, the initials of your name or something significant to your beloved! If so, then Premium Statement Pendant in sterling silver will become your next favorite piece of jewelry. 


Premium Statement Blue Lacquer Pendant in Silver


Premium Statement Pendant

Available as pendant only, this piece of jewelry is impressive and elegant. Uniquely designed by masters of jewelry makers, this pendant is finished with Silver lacquer. Its luxury and divine design is a great addition to both your casual and smart-casual outfit.


Blue jewelry is one of the latest trends for men’s jewelry. On top of that, you can get a stunning piece of jewelry for all your needs, whether you need a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, or maybe even cufflinks.

So, next time you need a unique, meaningful, and stylish piece of jewelry, add blue jewelry to your collection.